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Located right next to Kythera’s capital, this modern trading center is the largest village in the southern part of the island, as its development has by far outstripped that of Chora over the past few years. Livadi was built in a rich valley laden with olive trees, vegetable gardens and vineyards. Here you will find places where you can shop, as well as cafés and restaurants, always full of people. Accommodations include a wide selection of hotels and agro-tourist lodgings.

You must visit the Katouni Bridge, opposite Livadi, which dates back to the British era and is the largest stone bridge in the Balkans, as well as the Byzantine church of Agios Andreas, one of the largest the island has to offer.

Owing to a construction spree, Livadi and the surrounding localities (Katouni, Skoulianika, Travasarianika, Goudianika, Strapodi, Mazarakianika and Fatsadika) are on the verge of forming a new entity, a new small city in Kythera.

A long time forgotten, Livadi’s market has been rekindled over the past few years. Farmers from several villages sell their production once a week on the main street. It is important to note that for some decades now Livadi has been home to a large cooperative organization that produces olive oil, called Afroditi (Venus).

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Λιβάδι, Κύθηρα

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